Rylan Clarke to Take a Break After Phillip Schofield’s Resignation

Rylan Clarke, an English radio host, says he will stop doing his BBC Radio 2 show for a while so he can work on “other bits and bobs.” Phillip Schofield said he was leaving This Morning, so this news comes afterward.

After 21 years on the show, the host allegedly made a deal with his co-star, who he had been fighting with, to leave on the condition that he would get a solo gig and be considered for appearances on other shows.

Rylan, who is 34, has his own show on Saturdays from 3 to 6, but he won’t be there for a few weeks. He told everyone the news by saying:

“This is where I should say, ladies I won’t be catching up with you next week. Because I am off to do some other bits and bobs so I’m not going to be here for a fair few weeks. I just want to say whoever is looking after this seat for a fair few weeks, can you please make sure you look after Couch Potatoes.”

Ryan has appeared in many episodes of This Morning and has often co-hosted the show with Holly and other hosts.