Sam Claflin, Star of ‘Daisy Jones the Six,’ Is a Chelsea Fan Who Enjoys ‘That Arsenal Are Doing Well’

Sam Claflin is not the kind of person who seeks out conflict. According to what the actor confessed to GQ, the star of Daisy Jones & The Six gets punched and then apologizes for it.

Claflin is anything but cliché, despite the fact that he has repeatedly played the role of the stereotypically attractive man. He has no other motivation than to join the ranks of the heroes. Despite the fact that Claflin supports Chelsea, he often finds himself rooting for one of their rivals. “I’m not one of those football fans who is anti-anyone,” he admits. “I’m just a fan of the game.”

“Even though I root for Chelsea, I couldn’t be happier for Arsenal right now. I’m also rooting my heart and soul for Tottenham to take home a trophy. I get such a kick out of seeing Manchester United or Liverpool get back on track after a rough patch, especially Liverpool. Seeing Leicester win.”

Claflin rose to prominence for his role as Finnick Odair in the film adaptations of The Hunger Games (released between 2013 and 2015) and his leading role in the dramatic film Me Before You (2016). However, the part that he plays as Billy Dunne, the lead singer, and creator of a fictional rock band in Daisy Jones & The Six, is the one for which he is best known and receives the most praise.

Daisy Jones & the Six is an adaptation of the book with the same name written by Taylor Jenkins Reid, which was in part motivated by the band Fleetwood Mac.

Set in the late 1970s Los Angeles music scene, the show follows the rise and fall of a fictional rock band through interviews with its members and footage of concerts and recording sessions. Riley Keough (as Daisy) and Sam Claflin sing some of the songs in the show.