Sam Smith’s Concert Has Been Called ‘Satanic’ by Critics

People are making fun of Sam Smith online for putting on a “satanic” show on their Gloria tour, which started this week and has strong religious themes.

According to The Daily Mail, the 30-year-old non-binary singer went on stage at a concert in Sheffield wearing skimpy clothes and religious accessories like devil horns, a wire crown, and sheer veils that were even more controversial.

The Unholy hitmaker, who was criticized for a similar show at the BRITs earlier this year, left no stone unturned to give his audience the full themed experience, with fires burning around them as they performed and, at one point even holding a red pitchfork.

Videos of Smith’s explosive show made it online, which made social media users angry. Many of them criticized his overt use of religious imagery, especially satanic imagery, in his shows.

One user said, “This is vulgar and satanic,” and another said, “This whole performance is satanic.”

“He’s going to great lengths to entertain! “When you have a good voice, I don’t see why you need to make a performance so sexual,” wrote another person online.

Smith’s Gloria tour started this week, and the singer will perform in London next week. After that, she will keep doing shows all over Europe until May.