San Francisco Da Calls Elon Musk’s Bob Lee Death Statements ‘Reckless’

Brooke Jenkins, the San Francisco District Attorney who won a recall vote against her progressive predecessor, criticized Elon Musk on Thursday for disseminating “misinformation” regarding the murder of Cash App founder Bob Lee.

Elon Musk and others speculated that the killing of Lee may have been a consequence of the escalating random acts of violence in the city during Jenkins’ tenure. On Thursday, authorities declared the apprehension and prosecution of a 38-year-old male who was acquainted with Lee. Reckless and irresponsible statements, such as those made by Mr. Musk in his tweet regarding Mr. Lee’s death, can mislead the public and negatively affect the perception of San Francisco. This can also hinder the pursuit of justice for crime victims by spreading misinformation during a critical time when law enforcement is working to solve the case. As stated by Jenkins. It is imperative that we refrain from spreading misinformation without factual evidence to support our statements. Let us strive to improve in this regard.

Reportedly, Nima Momeni stabbed Lee after a fight in a car in the early hours of April 4.