Sarah Ferguson Leaves Hospital Following ‘Successful’ Breast Cancer Removal Operation

Sarah Ferguson, the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, has had breast cancer surgery.

The Duchess of York, who is 63 years old, found out she had cancer after a regular mammogram. Princess Beatrice and Eugenie’s mother has returned home after a “successful operation.”

Fergie was allegedly released from the King Edward VII hospital in Marylebone, London, on Sunday. She is now recovering at home with her family in Windsor. The operation went well, according to a friend of the Duchess.

The friend said that the Duchess was told that the “prognosis is good” because the cancer was found early.

A friend of Ferguson said, “It’s been a difficult time, but she is very grateful to the medical staff who carried out the mammogram and detected it early and the medical staff who looked after her these last few days, she is incredibly thankful.”

She is said to be recovering at home with her family, including Prince Andrew, 63, daughter Beatrice, 34, and granddaughter Eugenie, 33.

Routine screenings found the breast cancer early, and she has been in a London hospital for a few days this week, where she stayed for several days. Due to her surgery, she couldn’t go to Royal Ascot this week, which was a big deal. She talked about her diagnoses on her new show, “Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah,” which will air tomorrow.