Season Two of ‘And Just Like That’ Sees Carrie Bradshaw Embark on a New Adventure

In the much-anticipated second season of And Just Like That, Carrie Bradshaw is back on the busy streets of New York City, where a blast from the past reignites the flames of love.

This week, the much-loved follow-up to the famous TV show Sex and the City is back on our TVs. After losing her partner in the previous season, which was very sad, Carrie gets used to being single with the help of old and new friends.

In an interview, Sarah Jessica Parker, the talented actor who plays the beloved Carrie Bradshaw, said, “I feel excited about this season. We spent a season in grief, which was appropriate for such a consequential loss.”

“So it’s very nice to see and was certainly fun to play a sort of re-emergence, a resurfacing of Carrie, especially as she pursues being single in this particular city that has been familiar to her, but is not any longer the same city, nor is she the same.”

The stories of writer Carrie and her best friends Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha, who never left her side, kept people watching Sex and the City from 1998 to 2004. And Just Like That keeps the beloved trio, who are now in their fifties, and adds Che, Seema, and Nya, who are interesting new characters.