Sergio Aguero Mocks Gerard Pique by Inviting Shakira to Participate in Queen’s League

The joking suggestion that he persuade Colombian star Shakira to play in the new Queen’s League being set up by her ex-boyfriend has added to Gerard Pique’s concerns about potential turmoil.

Shakira and Gerard broke up recently because the soccer player allegedly cheated on the singer with his new girlfriend, Clara Chia.

Gerard quit professional football, but the Kings League seven-a-side football event is one of his many businesses.

In 2023, there will be a game for women for the first time. It will be called the Queens League.

Aguero, who plays with Lionel Messi, may have made fun of Gerard when he joked that he could get Shakira to play for one of the teams in the event for his ex-partner.

According to Marca, Aguero told Morena Beltran, “You could imagine Shakira playing for Kuni Sports and Gerard Pique being the president.”