Shakira Respectfully Tells Tom Cruise She Is Not ‘Attracted’ to Him Despite His Appeals

Shakira has told Tom Cruise that she doesn’t want to date him, but he thinks she would be perfect.

When the Mission: Impossible star and the Waka Waka singer were seen together at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami earlier this month, rumors spread that they were dating.

But it was later revealed that the Colombian singer doesn’t want to date Cruise and is only “focused on her family” after breaking up with Gerard Pique.

But a person close to the situation told Heat Magazine that Cruise has no plans to give up on Shakira because he believes they have a “special connection.”

A source said that the mother of two is “begging” Tom Cruise to “stop flirting with her” because the situation is “too much” for her so soon after her 12-year relationship with Gerard ended.

The source told the magazine that Cruise was “giddy” when he met Shakira at the event and that the actor thinks he did the same thing when he first met his ex-wife, Katie Holmes.

“He came away convinced they had a real connection they needed to build on,” the source said.

The person also said that Cruise has been telling his close friends about how he felt after meeting Shakria, but she doesn’t feel the same way about the Hollywood hunk.

The outlet says that the singer was just being “friendly” with Cruise and that the romance rumors are “too much” for her to handle.

“She doesn’t want to embarrass or upset him, but she doesn’t feel romantically attracted to him either. She was just being friendly.” The insider said, “She’s flattered, but she’s not interested.”

Shakira is said to have “politely” told Crusie’s team that she doesn’t want to date him, but he doesn’t seem to have given up on her.

The insider said that Cruise has been trying for years to find the “right person” and that he has “the highest standards” and won’t settle for “second best” in a mate.