Shangela of ‘Drag Race’ Addresses the Rape Claims Made Against Her

Shangela, an American drag queen from the show Drag Race, talks about a former production worker on the HBO show We’re Here who said she raped him. The person making the claim says that Shangela raped him in the year 2020.

Daniel McGarrigle sued her in civil court in Los Angeles, saying that the drag star sexually attacked him in a Los Angeles hotel room after the wrap party for the first season of the HBO show.

Shangela said in a statement to the Daily Mail that she was shocked by the claims. “They are personally offensive and perpetuate damaging stereotypes that are harmful not only to me but also to my entire community.”

McGarrigle goes on to talk about how Shangela bought him several alcoholic drinks, even though he said he didn’t drink often. She then asked him to come to her hotel room to help her pack for her flight. That’s when the claimed assault happened.