Sharks in Hawaii Attack the Netflix Crew

A team in Hawaii working on the Netflix documentary series “Our Planet II” has run into “incredibly hungry” sharks twice in a row.

Reports say that tiger sharks attacked the team several times while they were filming a documentary near the Hawaiian island, causing the boat to explode and the crew to have to make an emergency landing.

The incident happened while the team was taking underwater footage around the island of Laysan, where sharks were known to hang out near the shallows.

The filmmakers used inflatable boats to get closer so they could record the behavior of Laysan albatross chicks, who spend their first few months learning to fly in the area. But when the scary sharks attacked, things went wrong in a dangerous way.

“It was like something out of ‘Jaws.’ The crew was panicked and basically made an emergency landing on the sand,” one of the producers, Cordey, told the Mirror.

Toby Nowlan, who produced and directed the first and third parts of the documentary, also talked about the scary event.

The team saw a fast-moving wave coming towards them. A tiger shark attacked one of the boats, doing a lot of damage. It was a scary sight.

“The whole boat exploded. We were trying to get it away, and it wasn’t having any of it. It was horrific. That was the second shark that day to attack us,” said Nowlan.

He continued by saying, “They were incredibly hungry, so there might not have been enough natural food, and they were just trying anything they came across in the water.”

Nowlan thought the sharks’ behavior was “extremely strange,” and he thought it was because they were hungry because there weren’t enough natural food sources. Even though they were only 328 feet from the shore, the team made it to safety. But their problems weren’t over yet.

The famous British biologist Sir David Attenborough narrates Our World II, which shows how different animal groups adapt to a world that is always changing.

The four shows, which are each about 50 minutes long, were made available on Netflix on June 14. The movie has humpback whales, polar bears, bees, sea turtles, and gray whales, all of which are very interesting animals.