Sia Once Again Provides Financial Support to ‘Survivor’ Contestants

Sia, a famous pop singer, is known for giving money to the players on the TV show Survivor. This has made her famous.

Sia started giving money to contestants in 2016 after Survivor: Kaoh Rong (season 33). She gave $50,000 to contestant Tai Trang and another $50,000 to a charity in his name because she was moved by how much he cared about animals.

Since then, Sia has given different amounts of money to entrants who didn’t win the $1 million prize, including Donathan Hurley, Davie Rickenbacker, Aurora McCreary, Rick Devens, Elaine Stott, Jamal Shipman, Janet Carbin, and Drea Wheeler. Joe Anglim also gave money to charity after cutting his hair after the end of Survivor: Edge of Extinction in return for a $15,000 donation from Sia.

An exclusive story by EW revealed that three people from Survivor 43, which just ended, have been chosen to receive this year’s “Sia Award,” which comes with a total of $200,000 in gifts.

The exclusive video showed the emotional moment when the winners found out what they had won. Sia’s album Everyday Is Christmas shows how much she loves the holidays and the spirit of giving. Even though Jesse Lopez made up the idea of the Pineapple Zone, he can really say that Sia’s favorite Survivor 43 contestant is him.

Lopez may have placed fourth, but he was overwhelmed with happiness when he learned that Sia was touched by his story and decided to gift him $100,000. His tears of joy were a testament to his gratitude.

Sia said that she liked the way Lopez played the game, thought he deserved to win, and praised his smart and clever tactics.

Survivor host Jeff Probst collaborates with Sia to facilitate these generous donations.

Probst told EW, “The Sia Award is a beautiful gesture that comes straight from Sia’s heart.” “All of it is her. It’s a lot of fun to see how she works.”