Simon Cowell Reportedly Signs Multi-Million Dollar Contract for Mobile Phone Game Ad

Simon Cowell signed a contract to advertise mobile phone games, even though he has nothing to do with the gaming business.

A source told The Sun about the news, which seems to suggest that the music mogul might change jobs.

An insider told the newspaper that the deal was a “odd choice” for Cowell because of his job as a TV star and judge on reality TV shows.

An insider said that Cowell recently shot an ad for the game Royal Match, which fans can play on their smart phones.

“Simon rarely puts his name to anything for advertising but the offer from this was too good to turn down,” said a person in the know.

“He will make a seven-figure sum from this advert for a mobile phone game. Simon filmed it last week and it will air in the coming months. For someone who doesn’t own a mobile phone, it seems an odd choice to have Simon fronting it. But the execs thought he was the perfect choice,” the person said.

Before, Cowell was honest about trying to find a balance between job and personal life. He said that after the pandemic, he decided to spend more time with his son Eric.

In an interview with The Mirror, he said, “I do think I have got the work/life balance right, particularly with Eric because he’s eight now.”

The judge on Britain’s Got Talent also said, “The only good thing about the coronavirus was that during the lockdown we spent a lot of time together – and I love his company.”

“Once we came out of lockdown, I had to make a decision, which was do I go back to what I was doing before? Or do I do a little bit less and I’m able to spend more time with him? That’s what I decided to do,” he told the newspaper.