Simon Cowell’s Difficulty Speaking During the BGT Finale Has Some Worried Fans

The music mogul and judge on Britain’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell, shockingly lost his voice during the show’s live final on Sunday.

Fans of the show were worried when they saw Cowell coughing and sputtering and pointing to his throat as if he was in pain.

After singer Amy Lou sang a beautiful version of Christina Aguilera’s “Reflection,” Cowell was unable to give her any comments. This meant that hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly had to move on quickly.

As the two Geordies turned to see what the judge thought, Cowell stood up, pointed at his throat, and couldn’t say anything. Amanda Holden, another judge, stepped in quickly and said, “He’s got something stuck in his throat!” The hosts then turned to Bruno Toniloi while Cowell tried to get himself back together.

On Twitter, people who watched the show worried about Cowell. Some told him to drink water, and others made jokes about what happened.

One Twitter user made a joke that “Simon is casually choking in the background.”

And someone else said, “The way Simon was choking, and Amanda didn’t pat him on the back. Instead, she softly stroked his back.”

Even though there was a lot of chaos, the winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2023 was Norwegian comedian Viggo Venn. He beat dancer Lilliana Clifton and magician Cillian O’Connor, who came in second and third, respectively.