Solo K-Pop Singer IU Donates $186,800 on Her Birthday

The K-pop solo singer IU said that for her birthday, she gave away a total of 250 million won, which is about $186,800. On May 16, she posted four awards to her Twitter account to share the news.

The four groups she gave money were the Happiness Foundation, KUMFA (Korean Unwed Mothers Families Association), Heart to Heart Foundation, and KFSSC (Korean Foundation for Support of the Needy Senior Citizen). She gave the money under the name IUAENA, which is a combination of her own name and the name of the fandom she is a part of, UAENA.

Along with the awards, she said, “Things that I learned from UAENA, things that I felt through UAENA, and things that I received from UAENA will always be materials that get IU to move and practice [kindness]. I love you. Thank you so much for today as well.”

The singer has also given a lot of money to good causes on Children’s Day, which is a state holiday in Korea. She gave the children and teachers at the Milal School a lunch of pizza, drinks, and rice cakes that she and her mother made.

Milan School is a place where kids with disabilities can get special education. She also gave 100 million won, which is about $74,700, to ChildFundKorea, a fund to which she has given money every year since 2015.