Squash Coach Claims Ritzy Country Club Allowed Pervasive Sexual Harassment

On Thursday, the squash coach filed a federal retaliation complaint against a $170,000-a-year New York country club that fired her after she reported about a “sexually hostile work environment for women.”

Natalie Grainger said in her complaint that she was one of the most decorated squash pros in U.S. history. She said that she started working at Westchester Country Club in 2018 but soon found out it was common for male club members to sexually harass female employees without being stopped.

In August 2020, the sister of a female employee called her “in a panic” to say that the employee had been drugged while “out” with a “prominent” club member. This made her worries even worse. The complaint states that Grainger later discovered that the member had raped the worker. The suit also says that just over a year later, Grainger found a “trail of text messages” between male club members talking about “a “lineup” of women they had picked out for the “fun” of the evening.”

Grainger’s lawsuit says that just days after she came out to the club in March 2022, its leaders asked her to leave, saying they had “lost faith” in her. When the New York Post asked a Westchester Country Club official for a comment, the person did not answer.