Stalker Arrested at Harry and Meghan’s House, Causing Security Concerns

A guy was detained at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s house on charges of stalking, creating a terrifying situation for the royal couple.

A Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office representative told us that security staff at Harry and Meghan’s Montecito home called them around 2 AM on Monday to report a man near the property.

Kevin Garcia Valdovinos, who is 29 years old, was arrested by Harry and Meghan’s security at the door to the property, we’ve been told. Once the police showed up, they arrested him for stalking and put him in jail. Valdovinos was later set free after paying a $2,500 bond.

Valdovinos was arrested because of a rule that says whatever he did, he’s done before. This makes sense since he never even got on the property. We know that he said something to security that led to his arrest, but the sheriff won’t say what it was. Investigators will decide the next steps.

Although it is unknown whether or not Harry and Meghan were present at the time, this is not the first time an intruder has been apprehended in the area.

TMZ first reported the story on Christmas Eve 2020. A man named Nickolas Brooks, who had driven all the way from Ohio, was given a warning for trespassing on the land. But police say Brooks returned on December 26, 2020, and was nabbed for breaking the law.