Stanford Employee Arrested and Charged for Campus Sexual Assault Lies

A 25-year-old woman was detained on Wednesday after prosecutors claimed she lied about experiencing two sexual assaults while employed at Stanford University. District Attorney Jeff Rosen of Santa Clara County described it as a “rare and deeply destructive crime” that directly impacts “legitimate sexual assault victims who question whether they will be believed,” Jennifer Ann Gries was charged with two felonies for perjury and two misdemeanors for filing a false police report. According to the district attorney’s office, Gries claimed fake rapes in August and October of last year, stating both times that her attacker was a 6-foot-tall Black man in his late 20s. The description of the alleged attacker matched that of a coworker she had named in an unfounded March 2022 sexual harassment complaint, according to police. Gries revealed to authorities in January that she had lied about the assaults, explaining that she was unhappy with the alleged perpetrator because she believed he had given her a “false aim” and turned her friends against her.