Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss’ Widow Releases Tribute Video

In her first video message since his passing, Stephen “tWitch” Boss’ late wife, Allison Holker, offered a moving homage to him and conveyed her appreciation. My gratitude for all of your kindness and support you have given to my family and me during this trying time. In the video post on Instagram, Holker added, “It has been incredibly difficult and emotional. While working as all-star dancer on “So You Think You Can Dance,” Boss met his wife in 2010. The couple later had three children together. Boss worked as a DJ and producer on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” In the video, Holker promised to uphold his legacy, stating, “He was a person that was just gorgeous, lived his life out of love, and left you with a particular feeling. My family and I have always declared that we want to ensure that our purpose is fulfilled by bringing happiness to others, whether through dance or love, into their homes. Boss committed suicide in December, just days after he and his wife would have celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary.