Steve and Marjorie Harvey Celebrate 16th Anniversary in Italy with Romantic Photograph

Steve and Marjorie Harvey are having a great time enjoying their 16th wedding anniversary!

During a special picture shoot, the couple shared a look at what went on behind the scenes to mark the occasion on their own Instagram accounts.

Steve, 66, and Marjorie, 58, went on a lovely trip to Lake Como, Italy, to mark a big anniversary in their relationship. Elly Karamoh, a stylist, carefully chose their outfits for their anniversary, which added a bit of class to their party.

Marjorie made her fans happy when she posted videos of her and her husband walking down a grand staircase, giving each other loving looks, and making poses by a beautiful lake. Several touching kisses added to the couple’s sweet moments together.

Marjorie posted a sweet video set to the romantic song “ICU” by Coco Jones and wrote in the caption, “Anniversary time with the Love of My Life.”

Steve posted the same video with the caption “Still going strong” on his Instagram account to show that he agreed with the attitude. He also told his wife he loved her again on his Instagram Story by writing “Baby.”

Some other famous people, like actress Wendy Raquel Robinson and comic Deon Cole, commented on the Harveys’ anniversary posts.