Stormzy Appears to Be Caught Between Two Cars in Unsettling New Images

Stormzy, a British rapper, got stuck between two cars and needed help from the hotel staff. He was seen driving his £200,000 yellow Lamborghini outside his hotel.

The artist was caught as he left London’s Grosvenor Hotel for the 2023 Ivor Novello Awards. He picked up the keys to his car from the driver, but his car was parked very close to another car.

He tried to back out of his parking spot but became wedged between his car and the one behind it. He was stuck there for about 15 minutes, and the hotel staff had to move the other two cars to make room for him.

The price range for his car is between £190,000 and £230,000, but it can sell for as much as £260,000. He wore a casual outfit with a white Balmain skirt, black pants, and white shoes.

He finished off the look with a stylish grey bucket hat and aviator sunglasses. He went out after it was said that he was now in touch with his ex-girlfriend Maya Jama daily.