Stray Kids’ Agency Advised to Protect Hyunjin

Fans of the K-pop band Stray Kids want their agency, JYP Entertainment, to keep cyber threats from happening to band member Hyunjin. For Bubble, the artist has been getting hateful comments and death threats on social media and paid sites like JYPnation.

These people also share pictures of Hyunjin’s torn-up photocards with comments like “Hwang Hyunjin’s dead body rots with maggots.”

It was already known that more than 1,000 people worked together in a group chat to buy a ticket to Bubble so they could send hateful comments to the rapper.

Fans think that lone stans are the main people behind cyberbullying, according to Koreaboo. “Akgae (악개) is a term used by K-pop fans to describe someone who only likes one member of a music group and dislikes the rest. It is a short form of the phrase “akseong gaeinpaen (악성개인팬),” which means “malicious individual fan.”

Fans have started to fight back against the hate and have made several hashtags popular to get the attention of their company.