Stray Kids’ Felix Takes Jimin’s ‘Like Crazy’ Challenge

The member of the K-pop group Stray Kids known as Felix participated in the viral Like Crazy challenge, which was inspired by the title track that Jimin of BTS released under the same name. On March 28th, he shared a video recording of himself performing a cover of the song on the organization’s Tiktok account.

A recent interaction between the two took place behind the scenes while Jimin was touring in support of his debut solo album Face. He took part in an episode of PIXID in which he pretended to be a member of a fandom dedicated to the Korean pop music scene.

Because he kept providing evasive answers in the group chat, the others had no choice but to suspect him of being involved in the theft. In an effort to throw off their suspicions, he inquired as to who their favorite idols were. One of the other girls shared that she identifies most closely with Felix.

The singer continued praising Felix’s low vocals, saying, “Yongbok, your low vocals are awesome.” “Maniac is the stuff of legend.”