Strictly Come Dancing’s Oldest Competitor Will Be Angela Rippon

Angela Rippon is the oldest dancer on the show Strictly Come Dancing, it has been said. She was the host of a few shows of the original version of Come Dancing before it got a lot of changes.

After 25 years as a host on the original show, she will join as a contestant at the age of 78. This will make her the oldest contestant in the show’s history. This big choice comes almost 50 years after she left her newsreader’s desk behind and surprised everyone with a high-energy dance routine in Morecambe and Wise’s 1976 Christmas special.

At the time, journalists didn’t usually move into the entertainment business, so her dance routine was definitely a risky move.

Angela had been talking to the network about being on the show for the past few days, but now The Sun has revealed that she will be on the show. A close person who works on the show said:

“It is such a coup to get Angela. She was Mrs. Come Dancing, so what a wonderful thing that she is going to be on Strictly all these years later.”

“She is the dream signing,” they said next. “The audience at home will love her, and many of them will remember her from her days hosting the show in its previous incarnation. It is incredible that someone her age is doing it but she loves dancing and the bosses think she will be a joy to watch.”