Suga of BTS Answers a Fan’s Request That He Speak English

A fan of the K-pop group BTS asked Suga to talk in English instead of Korean. Fans of the group have recently been talking about how rude some people are to BTS when they go live on Weverse.

Fans asking the members to speak in English, which is not their first language, is one of the things that they don’t like hearing. J-Hope has been in a similar situation before, and he showed how frustrated he was at the time.

After his shows in Chicago were over, the rapper did a live stream to talk to his fans about the shows. When he was replying to comments from fans, he came across one that said, “Speak English, please.”

Even though he didn’t show any emotion, when he said, “I don’t want to,” he did so in a firm voice. “I will speak in Korean.”

One fan called out these fans on Twitter, saying, “Every time the boys do lives, there are people asking them to speak in English; please stop it. if you want to understand what they are talking about, you must learn Korean.”