Suga of BTS Tops Itunes with His Solo Comeback

With the release of his solo record D-Day, Suga from the K-pop group BTS has taken over iTunes charts all over the world. This new book is the third in his popular Agust D series.

After it came out, his main song, “Haegeum,” was at the top of the iTunes charts in about 86 countries, such as Germany, the UK, and France. On the other hand, D-Day has reached the top of the charts in about 67 different places, such as Australia, the United States, and Canada.

He also broke the record for most copies sold on the first day with a solo act on the Hanteo Chart, selling over a million copies on the first day.

Along with the album, he released SUGA: Road To D-Day, his first-ever solo documentary. It gives an inside look at how he made the record and follows him as he goes on a road trip through several cities.