Suga’s Overseas Schedule Has Been Leaked and BTS Fans Are Anxious

Fans of the K-pop band BTS are worried because band member Suga’s abroad plans have started to get out online. The rapper is now touring internationally for his Agust D D-Day album.

The group hasn’t been shy about making it clear that they are people with lives of their own. Jungkook even called out a group of people who followed him to the gym when it wasn’t on his plan.

Suga is one of the more shy and private members of the group. He will share his activities with fans during public schedules, but when the group arrived in Jakarta, his fans insisted that he be given space.

Even though fans tried to keep him private by making other hashtags popular, a few pictures of him at the airport and his routine while he was abroad got out. Some upset fans said the leaks came from people who said they worked on Suga’s team.