Suicide Note Discovered with the Body of K-Pop Artist Haesoo, 29

On May 15, the media said that Trot singer Haesoo, who was 29 years old, had killed himself and left a note.

The news was confirmed by the people in charge of the Gwanjumyeon People’s Day event in Wanju Gun, Jeollabuk-do, where Haesoo was supposed to appear on May 20.

On May 13, South Korean police said they had found the body of a trot singer in her 30s, along with a note saying she had killed herself in an apartment building. The cops found no signs of wrongdoing and called it a suicide because the singer had also left a note.

Because Haesoo was involved with trot music, it is thought that the body found was hers. The fact that the comments part of her very popular Instagram account was turned off on May 14 added to the rumor that she had died.

The singer’s social media accounts were always very busy, and she talked to her fans every day.

Haesoo was born in 1993, and his major at the Korea National University of Arts was Pansori, which is a type of traditional Korean singing.

But she fell in love with trot after listening to the music of Joo Hyun Mi. In 2019, she put out her first record, My Life, Me.

The trot singer was regularly on music shows like Gayo Stage, Morning Yard, How Do You Play, The Trot Show, and KBS TV2’s Lunar New Year special in January 2023.