Surveillance Footage Shows An Alligator Dragging A Woman To Her Death In Florida

A birdwatching camera captured the horrifying sight just before an alligator in Florida killed a woman, and the footage has been made public. When the 10-foot reptile attacked, Gloria Serge was walking her dog along a retention pond behind her home at Spanish Lakes Fairways in Fort Pierce. The camera captures the woman and her dog at the water’s edge as an alligator approaches and causes the water to ripple. The 85-year-old Serge appears unaware as the alligator leaps from the pond and attempts to seize her dog. According to the accident report of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Ms. Serge was knocked over and dragged into the water by her foot by an alligator. Due to the incident, Ms. Serge was dragged into deeper water and killed. Inside Edition confirmed the video and the “brutal aftermath” by speaking with Carol Thomas, Serge’s neighbor, who attempted to save her before she was submerged. Henry, the alligator, was captured and euthanized.