Survey Says Americans Hold $21 Billion In Unused Gift Card Balances

Considering that Consumers leave billions of dollars on their accounts, there may be better options than gift cards for giving.

According to research by the financial services website Credit Summit, 90 percent of Americans appreciate receiving gift cards, but a startling $21 billion remains unused. Thus, if individuals adore them so much, why are they not spending?

The survey revealed that “76% have consciously decided not to use a gift card. To save it for a special occasion (36 percent), to wait until they need something specific from the retailer (23 percent), because it’s from a place they don’t normally shop (11 percent), because redeeming them is a hassle (4 percent), or because they forget about them (2 percent) were some of the reasons cited.”

Despite the continued accumulated unused balances, 72 percent of Americans say they will receive gift cards this year.

Considering the status of the economy and rising costs, it may be in the best interest of many Individuals to utilize these assets – at least at some time.

“Although it makes sense not to spend them on unnecessary products, keep them in a secure location that is conveniently accessible. When you need to purchase a specific item, you may easily keep track of the cards you possess and their remaining balances “based on Credit Summit.