Sweden Takes Home Their Seventh Victory at Eurovision

Loreen made history when she won the Eurovision Song Contest early on Sunday. She is the seventh Swedish singer to win since ABBA won the first one almost 50 years ago.

Loreen won the grand prize in the biggest live music festival in the world, beating out twenty-five other rivals.

The Eurovision Song Contest was held in Britain on behalf of Ukraine.

The singer, whose real name is Lorine Talhaoui and is 39 years old, is the first woman and only the second person, after Johnny Logan of Ireland in the 1980s, to win twice the strange but popular competition.

She won the game in 2012 as well.

Later, she told reporters that winning with the dance-pop song “Tattoo” felt “surreal” and “so beautiful,” and that she was “seriously overwhelmed.”

She also said, “It feels wonderful.”

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton made an unexpected showing earlier by playing the piano in a cameo role in the song contest. She also played a live performance.