Tattoo Artists Have Nothing but Admiration for Jungkook of BTS

The YouTube channel AYO had two professional tattoo artists on their channel, and they talked about why Jungkook from the K-pop group BTS means so much to them. Andy, who makes movies about tattoos, and Tachi, who works for Godo Tattoo, are two of the artists.

One of the comments said that Jungkook made the person who wrote it want to get a tattoo. “Jungkook’s tattoo: I always thought that I’m conservative, but when I saw Jungkook’s tattoos showing his beliefs since childhood and himself, my idea about tattoos changed a lot.”

Both of the artists enthusiastically agreed with the remark and pointed out how unique his design is by using blackwork art. “Jungkook’s tattoo is a blackwork tattoo but there’s one color in it as the point. It feels fierce, so it’s impressive. For his hands, every tattoo has a different meaning.”

His tattoos mean a lot to him and his friends. For example, on his hand, he has the words “ARMY,” which is the name of their fan group. He changed the letters so the A could also be read as a V, and he put a J on top. This was so that he could get a tattoo of each group member’s first letter.

Then, they praised the singer for making tattoos more common, since, in some places, like South Korea, they are still thought to be rude. “By showing that he has a tattoo, he broke the bad perceptions about tattoos.”