Taylor Swift Claims She’s Alright After Cutting Her Hand Mid-Concert in Houston

Taylor Swift wowed fans during The Eras Tour at NRG Stadium in Houston this past weekend, even though she had a nasty cut on her left hand.

The 33-year-old pop star posted on Instagram Monday to tell her fans, who were worried about her hand injury during the show, what happened to her and her hand that she used to play guitar chords on Saturday, April 22.

She started by saying, “Just got to play 3 insane shows in Houston, and I’m waking up smiling reminiscing about how much fun we all had. Loving this tour so much because of the passion these crowds put into it all – seriously can’t wait for Atlanta.”

Then, when fans asked her about her injury, she said, “PS for those asking how I cut my hand, I’m totally fine, and it was my fault completely – tripped on my dress hem and fell in the dark backstage while running to a quick change – braced my fall with my palm.”

She made a joke: “It was all very Mercury in retrograde coded. Don’t worry about me I’m gooooood.”

Fans of the “Don’t Blame Me” singer has been talking about how strong she is ever since pictures of her hurt hand were posted online after the show.

Fans were worried about how their favorite musician could keep going for the rest of her three-hour set without showing any signs of pain, even though a chunk of skin was missing from the bottom of her hand.

One of Taylor Swift’s fans even looked back at photographs from the show and tweeted, “During a wardrobe change in between the songs “Tolerate It” and “Ready For It,” determining that this was likely when the injury occurred.

Another person said, “I can’t believe she performed last night with her hand that hurt without letting anyone know anything was wrong. We do not deserve her.”