Taylor Swift Fined $3k for Trash in Front of Her NYC Home

There are rumors that Taylor Swift is in trouble with the city’s Sanitation Department because she racked up $3,000 in fines.

The Grammy-winning artist has been fined a total of $3,010, according to a story in the New York Post. Between January 2018 and January 2023, she failed to clean the area in front of her building, had a dirty sidewalk, and threw away trash in the wrong way.

In 2017, the 33-year-old singer of the band Anti-Hero paid $18 million for the three-story home in Tribeca. She later turned the property into a private entrance for her apartment, which is right next door.

The singer then spent almost $50 million to build the luxury buildings, and he is the only one who cleans the area in front of his home.

The news outlet said that city records showed that piles of newspapers, bottles, and cardboard, napkins and wrappers, and “scattered ashtray contents” and a cigarette box were among the trash in front of the property over the years.

Swift, on the other hand, is defending herself against the charges with the help of her lawyers. She even got out of paying $200 in fines, the news source said.

After hearing the news, a lot of the singer’s fans came to her defense.

Many of them said that since the singer is on her Eras world tour right now, she couldn’t have been the one to throw away trash. Fans said that the trash is probably from the fans and reporters who are always outside her house.

“It’s probably the fans waiting for her and smoking while they’re bored,” said Christine O’Connor, who is 33 years old. “She doesn’t even smoke!”

“Ah yes pop superstar taylor swift who is currently on a world tour leaving cigarette packs on the streets of new york historically known for having clean sidewalks,” one user wrote.

“the woman cannot get to and from her car every day without being hounded by paparazzi and fans…are you seriously expecting us to believe she is smoking a cigarette out there?” another person.