Taylor Swift Interrupts Her Performance to Confront a Security Guard

Taylor Swift, an American singer, stopped her Eras tour show to get mad at a security guard who was rude to a fan. Fans say that this happened more than once during the show.

She is in Philadelphia right now for three shows that will take place over Mother’s Day weekend. The video shows the singer singing her hit song “Bad Blood” from the album “1989” when she notices something in the crowd.

From what she said, it sounds like she was telling a security guard to stop being rude to a female fan for no reason. She yelled, “Hey, stop! She wasn’t doing anything!”

Fans talked about the clip on social media, with one saying, “I could watch this over and over. I’m so happy that Taylor stands up for people!

Another fan wrote about how strict the security guards were: “Seeing Taylor on May 12 and 14.” Yesterday at the show, security was strict about keeping the aisles clear, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she yelled at security.

One fan said they were surprised by what happened: “I got scared when I saw it on a random grainy 144p livestream on TikTok like what was going on.”