Taylor Swift Is Lauded for Her Kind Gesture to a Young Fan During a Concert

Taylor Swift made a fan’s dream come true when she answered her letter during a live show. The fan was only seven years old.

The amazing thing happened at the pop star’s Las Vegas show, which was part of her ongoing ‘Eras’ tour.

Before the show, one of Swift’s young fans, Bella, wrote her a letter and set out to give it to the singer during the show.

Gina Lanzino, Bella’s mother, then posted on TikTok about the letter and Swift’s reply. She said that Bella had written: “Dear Taylor, I’m your biggest fan. What’s your favorite color?’ Then [it said], she drew a little picture.

“She says, ‘I’m going to bring this to the show and make sure Taylor gets this letter. I was kind of like, “I don’t think that will really happen, but let’s try.”

Later that night, the letter got to Swift after the young Swifty went up to an usher and asked him to try to give it to Swift.

Lanzino went on, “The show was about halfway over when some people came to our box and asked for Bella. I had forgotten all about the letter by then.”

She also said, “They told me, ‘We wanted to give you this,’” It was the letter Bella gave to Taylor, and Taylor signed it.

“Her daughter did write her section number on the back, but I never in a million years thought this would be returned to her,” Bella’s mother said. They filmed my daughter getting the letter back because they wanted to give it to Taylor.

This isn’t the first nice thing Taylor Swift has done on this tour. The tour started this month in Glendale, Arizona. The singer kept a promise she made to a 13-year-old fan who was hospitalized after being in an accident: she gave her tickets to an upcoming show.