Taylor Swift Releases New ‘Snow on the Beach’ with More Lana Del Rey

On the song “Snow on the Beach,” which the two artists made together for the album “Midnights,” fans of Taylor Swift asked for more Lana Del Rey.

Taylor Swift has released “Midnights (Til Dawn Edition),” a special version of “Midnights” that includes more Lana Del Rey. This is what Swifties asked for.

When the song first came out, fans were surprised by how little Del Rey did on the duo. She mostly sang in the background. Swift tweeted that she and Del Rey had returned to the studio to record more of Lana’s vocals for “Snow on the Beach.”

In an interview with Billboard, Del Rey said she didn’t know she was the only person who was featured on the song. According to her, if she had been aware of Swift’s intentions, she would have sung the second line in its entirety.

Del Rey said that as a featured artist, her main goal is to help with the song’s production, and she was glad to connect her musical worlds with Taylor and producer Jack Antonoff.

In addition to the updated version of “Snow on the Beach,” the “Midnights (Til Dawn Edition)” deluxe album has the Ice Spice remix of “Karma,” “Hits Different,” which was previously only available at Target, and the 3am songs.

Also, a new song called “You’re Losing Me” can be found on the CD version of the special edition that is only sold on tour.