Taylor Swift’s Fans Asked Her to Leave Matty Healy Following His Trick with a Security Guard

Matty Healy has been in the news for the last couple of months because of rumors that he is dating Taylor Swift. On Friday, he made a stunning move during a concert at Denmark’s NorthSide event that made the internet go crazy.

During the June 2 concert, the lead singer of the famous pop-rock band The 1975 kissed a security guard, which caused a stir. After the video of him went popular on social media, he got a lot of attention.

Some friends of the rumored boyfriend of the singer of “Karma” were not surprised by what he did, but few found it hard to understand.

Many fans told Taylor to break up with Matty, and some asked her in jest if this is who she wants. One fan said, “Taylor, please break up with him.”

There is a circulating video where Matty Healy kisses a security guard who was standing by the stairs to the stage. The security guard didn’t seem to mind and returned the kiss with a big smile. He also seemed to like the song “Robbers,” which was playing in the background.

Another person questioned the British singer’s (age 34) sexuality, and others said, “He’s not right for Swift.”

One of Matty’s fans wrote that they were surprised that people thought the singer did this to get attention, because he has “always been like this.” The user also said that this wasn’t the first time he had kissed someone working at a show.

Vox says that they started dating after Taylor broke up with her longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn, who the 33-year-old singer is said to have been with for six years.