The Latest on Amanda Bynes’s Health and Rehabilitation

According to sources, after being released from a mental health facility in early April, Amanda Bynes is having trouble adjusting to life in the outside world.

Sources close to Bynes told TMZ that since her stay at the facility, the star has been living a “sad and isolated” life.

After she was released from the psychiatric hold, a source said that Bynes is doing well with seeing doctors and taking her medicine on time.

Sources also said that after her psychiatric hold, the actress has been in touch with her brothers and parents.

But a source told the outlet that She’s The Man star can’t find drive in her life to do things she loves, like fashion design and nail tech art.

Sources also said that the actress’s family was worried that she would get back together with her ex-boyfriend Paul Michael because they thought he was “toxic” to her “recovery.”

Sources also said, “Amanda’s family wants her to move on from Paul and focus on herself.”