The Magic Castle’s Iconic Co-Founder, Milt Larsen, Has Passed Away at the Age of 92

Milt Larsen died in Los Angeles at the age of 92. He was a well-known writer, magician, and co-founder of The Magic Castle in Hollywood.

On Sunday night, surrounded by his loved ones, Larsen reportedly died away quietly in his sleep at his Hollywood home.

Larsen had a great career in the entertainment business. He made TV specials for well-known networks and worked with Richard Sherman to write iconic songs that were used in classic Disney movies like Mary Poppins and The Jungle Book.

Larsen was the brains behind and creative force of the Caesars Magic Empire in Las Vegas, in addition to his work in television and music. His most lasting legacy, however, is the 1963 establishment of The Magic Castle alongside his late brother.

The Magic Castle is in an old mansion and is now a secret club for famous magicians.

Larsen wrote a lot. He wrote books of jokes and books about The Magic Castle. He was also the head of the club’s parent company until he died.

Many people appreciated what he did for the magic community, and in 2000, Magic magazine named him one of the 100 most important people in the history of magic.

Larsen was born into a family that did a lot of magic and theater, so he has always been interested in the field. During his time as a writer for Ralph Edwards’ TV production company, he worked with well-known people like Buster Keaton, Stan Laurel, and Jack Benny.

Larsen also worked on funny songs with Richard Sherman and wrote a show called Pazzazz.

Larsen was a magician and entertainer, but he also owned and ran the Mayfair Music Hall and the Variety Arts Theater in Los Angeles. He was also a big fan of collecting show business recordings. He gave UC Santa Barbara his collection of vaudeville records.

Larsen’s wife, Arlene, and his nephew, niece, and great-nieces are the only people who will remember him. Throughout his life, he was involved in legal fights, such as a lawsuit over royalty payments and a class-action lawsuit over unpaid wages for hospitality workers at The Magic Castle.

With his passing, magician Milt Larsen leaves behind an impressive body of work and an indelible influence on the entertainment business.