The Memoir Cover Shows Kerry Washington Submerged in Water

Kerry Washington showed off the final cover of her autobiography, which is called Thicker Than Water.

On March 29, Kerry Washington showed off a linen portrait cover of herself underwater, with her reflection shining on the surface of the water.

According to Enews, the oil painting portrait will be done by Reisha Perlmutter, who is known for her portraits of women in water.

Washington said, “As I was writing the book, stories about water kept coming up, and I realized how important water and swimming have been in my life.”

She also said, “When I’m in the water, I often feel more connected to myself and my truth. So, when I thought about making a cover for this book, I thought an image of me underwater might help show how much of my true self I’m giving readers.”

The former Scandal star also talked about posing for the memoir cover: “This was by far the most fun I have ever had on a photo shoot because I was in one of my favorite places in the world and doing one of the things I love to do most: swim and play in the water!”