The Netflix Deal With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Is Probably Coming to an End

Insiders say that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s deal with Netflix to make original material is not likely to be renewed. Markle and Prince Harry signed a $100 million deal with Netflix when they left their royal roles and moved to the U.S. They planned to make a lot of TV shows and movies, but so far only one has made it to air. Now, people who know them tell The Wall Street Journal that their plans to go to Hollywood have stopped.

When Markle and Prince Harry went to the U.S., they started their own company called Archewell. They worked on video projects for Netflix, podcasts for Spotify, and the prince’s memoir, Spare. So far, only the book, Markle’s podcast Archetypes, and the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan have been finished. Sources who know about their work at Archewell say that Netflix turned down at least three other TV pitches before they started, and an animation kids’ show called Pearl was canceled before it ever aired. The Netflix contract ends in 2025, these sources said, and they think Netflix won’t try to renew it.

Archewell and Netflix both say that this story is not true. A representative for Archwell told WSJ, “New companies often make changes in their start up phase, both with people and strategy, and we are no exception. We’re more equipped, focused, and energized than ever before.” She also said that actress and director Tracy Ryerson had just been hired as the company’s new head of scripted content.

A Netflix representative said that the company still values its relationship with Archwell and that Harry & Meghan was the biggest documentary debut in the company’s history. She said, “We’ll continue to work together on a number of projects.”

Insiders say that Prince Harry and Markle have had trouble getting their ideas off the ground because it’s hard for them to find content that fits with their brand. Even though people are interested in their personal stories, their lack of experience as creators has made it hard for them to try new things. One of the TV shows that didn’t make it was a deep documentary about false information, which workers said was all over the place and didn’t have a leader.

Archewell’s contract with Spotify has already been ended, and there are no longer plans for a second season of Archetypes. The two companies said that they had “mutually agreed to part ways and are proud of the series we made together.” Right now, it’s unclear what Archewell and Netflix will work on next.