The Producer of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Prematurely Announced the Show’s End After Season 12

On Tuesday, a little-known writer and producer for the long-running HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm tweeted some pretty, pretty, pretty big news about the show’s future, which he then deleted. “You might like the show. You might not like the show. Jon Hayman, who has written for Seinfeld and The Chris Rock Show, tweeted to his many followers, “Maybe you don’t give a shit.” “In any case, shooting the last scene of the last episode of the last season.” In the picture, Hayman is standing next to David and looking at a screen that seems to show the main character sitting next to JB Smoove’s character Leon on a plane. When asked to clarify if the upcoming 12th season of the show will really be the last, the network didn’t respond.