‘The Simpsons’ May Have ‘Predicted’ the Sinking of the Titanic Submersible

One episode of “The Simpsons” was a lot like what happened to the Titanic submarine on Sunday when it went missing.

Fans of “The Simpsons” say that the Titanic submarine going missing was actually foretold in an episode from 2006.

Reports say that the episode was made by Mike Reiss, who himself went on a trip on an Oceangate submarine similar to the one in the episode.

In the episode, Homer Simpson’s long-lost father, Mason Fairbanks, who specializes in finding lost treasures at sea, gives a speech before their voyage. As the father and son go deeper into the ocean, the audience sees a strange similarity to what happened in real life.

Even though finding hidden treasures is exciting, but the show turns dark when Mason disappears. Homer wants to find his father so badly that he gets stuck and starts to worry as his oxygen supply runs out. At the end of the scary scene, Homer is about to lose consciousness and says a sad plea for his father.

The US Coast Guard said Thursday that the goal of the international search for a lost submersible near the Titanic wreck is still to save the five-person crew alive, even though there are fears that the boat may have run out of oxygen.

Two more robotic submarines were sent out Thursday as the search for the Titan, which went missing somewhere in the North Atlantic between the surface of the water and more than two miles (nearly four kilometers) below, moved to its most important stage.

Because the sub could hold enough emergency air for up to 96 hours, rescuers thought that the people might run out of oxygen early Thursday morning.

But when that possible date passed, Rear Admiral John Mauger of the US Coast Guard said that rescuers were “fully committed.”