The Summer Hit and Solo Debut of Jung Kook, ‘Seven,’ Is Making Waves

Jung Kook is a member of the famous group BTS. His latest song, Seven, was a big start as a solo artist.

The release, which was supposed to happen at midnight ET on Friday morning, came with a surprise: well-known female rapper Latto was on it.

The song’s words hint at a passionate meeting between the two artists, but the music itself has a calm and easygoing feel. It seems like it was made to be added late to the list of “songs of the summer.”

Jung Kook told Variety in an email interview that the song has a summery feel, but he seemed surprised by the idea that it could become a hit.

He said, “I honestly didn’t have a specific goal in mind, but since you mentioned it, I would be thrilled if it becomes a ‘hit.’”

Jung Kook didn’t know much English, like many of his BTS bandmates, so it was hard to translate during the conversation. So, he had to use a translation to send his answers by email.

Even though this was a problem, he promised, or at least hoped, that the BTS ARMY can look forward to a solo record before the end of 2023.

He didn’t say much about how the record was coming along, but on Friday morning, he will perform Seven on Good Morning America without the rest of the group. This will allow fans to see how charming and charismatic he is on his own.