There Are Mixed Response to Le Sserafim’s Outfits for Louis Vuitton Show

At the Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall show, people had different things to say about the clothes worn by the members of the K-pop band Le Sserafim. A lot of stars came to the event, including people from New Jeans, Stray Kids, NCT, and more.

Since their first show, the girls of Le Sserafim have worked with a number of designers. Sakura has posed for Louis Vuitton and has done photo shoots for Harper’s Bazaar and Spur Magazine.

At the show, they wore a number of bright outfits that showed off how each member was different. Some fans liked that each look was different, but others said they didn’t go together and should have tried to find a link between them.

The band just released their first full-length album, Unforgiven, their current album.