These K-Pop Agencies Are Against the Law to Prevent Teenagers from Overworking

These groups in the K-pop business have asked that the new law meant to keep young idols from working too much be taken away. They make a statement saying that the phrase must be taken out.

The Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association, the Recording Industry Association of Korea, the Korea Entertainment Management Association, the Record Label Industry Association of Korea, and the Korea Music Content Association are all part of these groups.

The Lee Seung Gi Crisis Prevention Act is a change to the Popular Culture Art Industrial Development Act that was made because of the lawsuit between the star Lee Seung Gi and his agency, Hook Entertainment.

“The revision limits work hours for teenage celebrities by subdividing age limits, which turns a blind eye to reality… [It’s] a bill to hinder the pop culture industry from advancing.”

They also said, “Additional regulations are unnecessary and will limit the activities of idol groups, which consist of members of various ages. It will weaken the competitiveness of the pop culture industry.”

The new rule says that heroes under the age of 12 can only work a maximum of 25 hours a week, those between the ages of 12 and 15 can work 30 hours, and those over the age of 15 can work 35 hours.