Thieves in NYC Take Apple Headphones From Victims’ Heads

Listen up! According to the NYPD, the headphones of at least 21 New York City residents have been stolen by a roving gang of moped-riding thieves.

The thefts began on January 28 and have often involved four individuals on two mopeds riding up behind victims, stealing their Apple AirPods Max headphones, and then racing away. Noise-canceling gadgets are now available for $549 each.

The sonic swipers have struck throughout Manhattan, including Central Park, with victims ranging in age from 18 to 41, according to the police. The majority of thefts occurred in the middle to late afternoon. Five headphones were stolen on February 8 and eight on February 18.

The thieves are still at large, and there have been no arrests.

This Monday, police released a photograph of suspects riding mopeds and a video of one suspect carrying two AirPod Max headphones and entering Washington Square Park after dismounting a moped.

AirPods Max headphones, unlike AirPods and AirPods Pro, are compact and fit inside the ear, rest over the ears, and include an adjustable headband linking the right and left sides.