Threatening the March Madness Tournament, an Alabama Star Player Brings Security

After receiving threats, the star freshman basketball player at the University of Alabama, Brandon Miller, was accompanied by an armed security guard on Wednesday prior to Thursday’s March Madness, according to his coach, Nate Oats. Oats stated, “If you saw some of the things I’ve seen sent his way, you’d understand why this is the case.” It is nothing a college student should have to endure. Miller has been linked to the murder of 23-year-old mother Jamea Jonae Harris in January because he is said to have given the weapon used to kill Harris to his ex-teammate Darius Miles, who then gave it to the alleged murderer Michael Lynn Davis. Miles and Davis have both been indicted for murder, although Miller has not been prosecuted or accused of any wrongdoing. Miller’s attorney asserts that he did not see or touch the rifle that day. As of Wednesday, Alabama is the top seed in the college basketball tournament, and Miller is still on the team.