TikTok Users Can Now Make 20-Minute Videos That Are Locked Behind a Paywall

TikTok is launching a new tool called “Series” that enables users to produce longer-form, paywalled video content.

One Series may contain up to 80 videos of 20 minutes or fewer, and artists have the option to charge fans for access to this content.

“Creators can choose a price for their Series that most accurately reflects the worth of their exclusive content,” the business noted in a blog post. “Series can be accessed via direct in-video links or through a creator’s profile.”

Image provided by TikTok

According to the firm, the service is one of several “monetization alternatives” designed to make creators “feel valued and compensated” while they produce material for the contentious platform.

Although Series is still in its infancy, the company will constantly monitor community comments.

Sen. Mark Warner, D-Virginia, is championing legislation that would give the Commerce Secretary the authority to ban the Chinese-owned app TikTok from the United States completely.