To Gain Attention, Raquel Leviss Will Use Anybody She Can

Once again, Vanderpump Rules actress Raquel Leviss is in the middle of controversy after Patrik Simpson and his partner, Pol’ Atteu, disclosed Raquel’s purported motivations for having an affair with Tom Sandoval.

After Shay’s wedding in Mexico, the couple talked to The U.S. Sun about how they felt about the shocking news of the affair. I didn’t go to see a story. We were like, “I was there for a wedding. I wasn’t there for a scandal. When we came back to LA, we were like, ‘What? No.’ But we couldn’t say anything,” says Atteu.

“I think she’ll try to get the attention of anyone she can,” The creator said something about Leviss.

“There were a lot of rumblings between them, but I don’t think anybody really believed it because Raquel was playing it off really stupid, and everyone was questioning it.”

He went on, “I think she’s not for him, she’s just going after anyone she can because she’s insecure, she has a self-worth problem. She will grab whoever she can to get the spotlight. I think she needs to look deep inside to be able to try to figure out who she is. I think she’s lost.”

“Sandoval is the kind of guy who will go in whatever direction the wind blows,” he said.

“Ariana was the only thing that kept him grounded,” said Tom Sandoval’s friend to explain how important she was to him. I don’t think Sandoval would be able to run the restaurant, the bar, and the band without Ariana. All the parts and pieces.

“She’s hurt in a way that sounds like, ‘We were trying to build something together, and this isn’t right.’”